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Tish Natashia Steenkamp


Tish is a ceremonial sound practitioner. She began offering “sound journeys” by integrating music, shamanistic studies, and hands-on healing in 2017.  Originally from South Africa, she now calls Costa Rica her home and shares sound journeys for groups and or individual sessions. Her vision is to inspire and support others to live a more holistic and balanced lifestyle bringing more harmony and bliss to the planet.


Jose Fabio


Jose was looking for something more in his life, thanks to Yoga and Sound healing he was able to find it. Since 2014 he began his journey in Yoga through practice and training. He now combines Yoga with Sound, Massages, Reiki and Sacred Cacao. He is inspired to share and help others find balance, joy, and peace for their body, mind, and soul.


Melinda Chandler


Melinda is a Biofield Tuning Practitioner and Holistic Aromatherapist. Her practice is located in Uvita, Costa Rica called Vibrant Life Holistic Care. Her path in sound healing has deepened with a purpose to share and be of service in her community and she strives to bring sound as medicine globally.

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Vyola Myst


Vyola Myst's mission is to inspire more and more people to use sound and music for peace, healing, and expansion of consciousness. She practices sound healing and sacred music performance. She is a Ph.D. scientist, Reiki Master, and quantum healing researcher who lives in southern Costa Rica near Mt. Chirripo. She teaches and serves harmonically resonant sound medicine with her voice, viola, crystal bowls, and a variety of sound healing instruments by herself and with other sound healing practitioners. She founded Sound Medicine Costa Rica in 2018 and the New England Sound Healing Research Institute in 2002


Lana Wedmore


Lana Wedmore is a Conservationist, Woman's Empowerment advocate, Yoga Instructor, Shamanic Reiki Master, and Sound Healer. She is the owner of Luna Lodge located on the Osa Peninsula. Lana's mission is to: "heal within, to help heal others, to heal Mother Earth." Sound is the creative force of Life. Directing it and responding to its feedback is part of what we are all here for.


Marlin Tresemer


Marlin Tresemer is the custodian of the Whale's Sanctuary, a space for healing in honor of Mother Nature.  Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master, Sweat lodge facilitator, dancer of the Sun and the Spirits, and lover of the sea. She started to deepen her knowledge in Sound in 2016, becoming a therapist for the Spanish Institute of Sound Therapy in Costa Rica. Her mission is to create space for light in the world, helping people re-connect with their center.

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