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Yaco Baum

Ethnic - Tribal Electronic Fusion

Also known as, Kontinental Yak, a Costa Rican producer with explosive energy on stage. Pushing world music sounds into another vibratory groove sensation. Performs at world-class festivals such as Envision Festival 2016 & 2017 and Krama Yoga Festival, later producing Kontinental Festival. Now performing private sound meditations and live events in Costa Rica.


Darren Austin Hall

Sound Ceremony with multiple instruments, teacher

It all started when I answered an intuitive call to participate in the re-enchantment of our time. As a sound healer, shamanic singer and teacher, I have accepted the duty to bring back the teachings of our ancestors as well as enlighten the collective about where science meets spirituality.


Gabriel Wiernik


Gabriel is a musician, composer, and producer. He has a Bachelor's degree from Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA) in 2005. He is also the Director of Mezzanine Studio since 2015. He founded “Música Curativa” (Healing Music) in 2008.

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David Ramirez Bianchini

David is a health professional, sound therapist, Watsu (Sound Water) therapist and CraneoSacral therapist.  He began his journey as an Holistic therapist, relating his knowledge about the human body and health, with the physical principles of sound, perceiving the human being as an integral being.

He is located in Santo Domingo de Heredia but travels around the country providing individual sessions and group meditations with Gongbath, to sensitize and activate the personal and collective healing potential.

"My intention is to accompany people in their encounter with their inner being, with their own quantum healer; I accompany from neutrality to generate a cascade of awareness and empowerment, to balance body, soul and heart."




Ayi and Michael Mayzel

We are based in Nosara in the middle of the Blue Zone in Costa Rica. We offer Sound Journeys for groups and individuals. We offer artisan healing instruments for sale, allowing you to bring those healing frequencies into your practice, your home and community to share.

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Members Directory


Thomas Love Power

Founder of Sounds of Light & Multidimensional Sound Alchemist

Thomas Love Power is a sacred sound therapist, multi-instrumentalist, chocolate alchemist and retreat leader. The Cacao spirit-guided Thomas into the field of sound healing 6 years ago where he has been creating and leading Chocolate Sound Healing journeys, retreats, training, events, Kirtans, and workshops all over the world. He is also the founder of and Creative Wizard at Sounds of Light, our Residential Mystery School of Sound Healing in Guatemala.


Mark Daniel & Lisa Virtue

Sound Ceremony Guides

Conduits to something greater and profound, Lisa and Mark naturally flow this through all aspects of their ceremonies of sound. Via singing bowls, chimes, gongs, rattles, drums, and vocal tones the energies and opportunities for positive shift effuse the space and all within.
Mark and Lisa are experienced teachers, leaders, guides, and healers, and work internationally.


Ahisha Das

Medicine Woman, Teacher and Kirtan leader

Starting out in the 90’s as a club dancer Ahisha has always had an affinity with sound and vibration. Believing herself to be tone deaf and unable to play instruments she moved into music journalism. Struck with a spiritual awakening in 2012 her whole life turned upside down. Her first teacher came offering knowledge of crystal bowls & vibrational sound healing along with Reiki Energy Healing and a Hathor connection. Moving into plant medicine and ceremony facilitation it was time to address her voice and life long shyness. “The journey to find one’s voice has also been the journey to find and free one’s heart.” - Ahisha Being blessed with many teachers from an Opera singer, Shamans, a Classical Hindustani musician, Kirtan, Bhakti yogis, an Episcopal priest, and a Franciscan monk. She has travelled the world both inner and outer in pursuit of knowledge and to become an embodiment of this knowing. Deeply passionate about devotional singing, sound and chanting as a path to liberation, Ahisha is committed to sharing this knowledge and joy in her roles as a Medicine Woman, Teacher and Kirtan leader and Friend

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